Lorne asks:

What is the definition of a loaded magazine-fed firearm in Canada?  I was always under the impression that a gun was loaded only when a round was chambered.  Does the law also consider the gun to be loaded if it only has ammunition in an attached magazine?  Thank you.

A round does not need to be chambered in order for a firearm to be considered loaded.
The term “unloaded” is defined in the Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individuals Regulations. According to the Regulations, “unloaded” means “that any propellant, projectile or cartridge that can be discharged from the firearm is not contained in the breech or firing chamber of the firearm nor in the cartridge magazine attached to or inserted into the firearm.”
Accordingly, if there is a live round in the magazine and the magazine is inserted into or attached to the firearm, the firearm will be considered loaded for the purposes of the Firearms Act.