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  1. Who are you?

Firearms Law Canada ( is designed and maintained by Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Solomon Friedman.

Q. Can Canadians really legally own firearms?

Yes. Any Canadian (or anyone legally in the country) who does not have a serious criminal record and is not subject to a court-ordered firearms prohibition is entitled to apply for, and receive, a firearms licence. Individuals with a history of mental illness or domestic violence are likely to be denied at the background screening phase.

To learn more about becoming a firearm owner, see here.

  1. I am a law abiding, licensed gun owner. Why would I ever need the services of a criminal defence lawyer?

There are many reasons why otherwise law-abiding firearms owners may need to consult with or retain criminal counsel. All it takes is one phone call from an estranged spouse or a public safety complaint from a disgruntled colleague and the full weight of the authorities can come bearing down an individual.

The purpose of legal counsel is to stand between the relatively powerless individual and the resources of the government, police and the Crown Attorneys Office.

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