Firearms Safety Videos

The following firearms safety videos were produced for the Canadian Firearms Program. They are provided online by the RCMP. They have been uploaded to YouTube for easy access.

The following introduction appears on the RCMP site:

The following video is a supplementary training tool. It is recommended that this video be viewed along with the course handbook, while referring to the instructor’s lessons. This video has been divided into five parts in order to be more user-friendly. The CAFC recommends that the video be used as a teaching aid to support classroom instruction. It is not intended to stand alone.

Please note: improper use of firearms may result in serious injury or death. The material presented in the video is intended to demonstrate the operation of firearms in accordance with safe handling techniques and an awareness of manufacturers’ specifications and safety features.

Since each firearm has different safety mechanisms, individuals should use their firearms in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and should contact individual manufacturers to obtain further information. Some of the techniques demonstrated in the video might not be appropriate for certain firearms.

Ultimately, the responsibility for firearms safety rests with the individual.

These videos are a good introduction to the basics of safe firearms handling:

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