I was quoted in a recent QMI Agency article regarding recent steps by the RCMP to reclassify and prohibit some firearms:

OTTAWA — An imported rifle is in the RCMP’s sights for possible prohibition and Canadian gun collectors are not happy.
Swiss Arms “Classic Green” rifles are semi-automatic firearms that have been non-restricted since they were introduced to the Canadian market 12 years ago.
But that may soon change, according to the RCMP.
“The CFP (Canadian Firearms Program) is reviewing the status of the Swiss Arms PE Classic Green. The review is currently underway,” writes RCMP Sgt. Greg Cox in a note to QMI Agency, confirming suspicions from gun owners’ websites.

My view?

Lawyer Solomon Friedman, a gun owners’ advocate, said that’s not fair.
“No new regulations have been tabled,” he said. “Simply a police officer in a lab somewhere has determined that this firearm should be something it wasn’t the day before and all of a sudden, welcome to a possible mandatory minimum three years in jail.”