I was quoted in a recent story in the National Post, “Harper government only wanted to discuss protecting gun owners’ rights at UN illegal arms talk: documents“.
Here are some excerpts from that story:

Firearms advocates say the documents prove the Conservatives are standing firm on their promise to protect responsible, law-abiding Canadian gun owners, even on the world stage.
“To me this says that the government is holding firm on its commitment to gun owners to stop punishing law-abiding citizens for the acts of criminals,” said Solomon Friedman, an Ottawa-based lawyer specializing in firearms law. “The primary focus is making sure that Canadians aren’t burdened as a result of international commitments.”

Another excerpt:

Friedman said a major problem with the UN program is that, to meet its conditions, the federal government would have to set up a national firearms registry more stringent than the long-gun registry it abolished last year.
As well, he said, the government is fulfilling its commitments to voters and protecting Canadian sovereignty by standing up for Canadian gun owners.
“The core of national sovereignty is ensuring your international commitments are consistent with what you’ve been mandated to democratically,” Friedman said, “and what you’ve committed to do for your own citizens.”