Daniel Proussalidis writes in the Ottawa Sun about the government’s back tracking on the proposed ammunition regulations:

The Conservative MP who led the fight against the long-gun registry appears to have the backing of the prime minister in shooting down proposed changes to ammunition storage rules that have upset hunters and other firearms users.

He also quotes me:

Firearms lawyer Solomon Friedman said gun owners need clarity because the regulations are unworkable for people who use firearms as tools – or who live far from police and may have to defend themselves against a home invader.
“We’re going to see a whole new set of traps for the unwary, which is really what these regulations will become,” Friedman said. “What this does is it creates a whole new class of paper criminals – people who’ve committed no wrong, who’ve actually not misused their firearm in any way, but simply because they may have transgressed an administrative regulation they face a criminal charge. That’s unacceptable.”