Bryan Moir of Concord, ON makes an often overlooked point in his letter to the National Post:

One aspect that continues to get lost in the gun registry debate is the economic impact it has had on tourism, sporting goods retailing and related hospitality industries. According to federal reports, since the long-gun registry was implemented 16 years ago, more than 10,000 jobs have disappeared in these industries and the loss to the economy has been estimated to be close to $5-billion. This is equivalent to GM folding in Oshawa, Ont.
All markets like certainty. The tourism market is no different. The announcement of the removal of the gun registry sent a clear message to hunters and sports-shooting enthusiasts that Canada was once again open for business. However, the recent announcements by Quebec, and the coy response from other governments, has once again created uncertainty. The impact of these short-sighted announcements will be reduced capital investment in tourism infrastructure, fewer tourists and the resulting elimination of any new employment opportunities. This is not something that lodge and tour operators, our northern communities and First Nations need in these troubled economic times.
Bryan Moir, Concord, Ont.