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NOTICE – Flare Gun Determined to be Restricted Firearm
The RCMP has recently become aware that a particular flare gun, available in Canada, is in fact a restricted firearm.
The Zoraki Model R1 blank firing revolver was inspected and, based on criteria set out in the Criminal Code, the inspection determined that this type of revolver is a restricted firearm because an identical frame is used in both the manufacturer’s flare gun and genuine firearm.
This is a public safety concern because these firearms are sold by businesses in Canada, and unlicensed individuals and businesses may be in possession of unregistered restricted firearms.
Individuals and businesses in possession of this firearm must either register the firearm, provided they are licensed to do so, or surrender the firearm to a law enforcement agency.
For further information on how to lawfully and safely surrender the firearm, please contact your local police or the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000.